Tools Quality Criteria

All tools uploaded to the platform are reviewed and selected according to criteria that each tool needs to fulfil to be suitable for uploading, elaborated by the partnership:

  1. Selected tools correspond to validation and assessment of basic skills (literacy, numeracy and digital skills) on different levels of complexity, placement in EQF – customized to validation purpose:
    • Enable clear feedback about validated knowledge, skills and competencies and identified deficiencies
    • Enable self-evaluation and evaluation / reflection / declarative methods (sustainability of the tool)
    • Enable preparation of certificate about validated knowledge, skills and competences
  2. Clear instructions for use for candidates and professionals/ counsellors
  3. Adequacy (suitability), reliability and accuracy of selected tools
  4. Selected tools consider the candidate's needs (context) – customized to target groups
  5. Selected tools are accessible for all (including disadvantaged learners)
  6. Selected tools were tested in practice (not just pilot testing) – not to limit ourselves, if tools were not widely tested, also based on counsellors’ experiences, available references on tools selected, number of users
  7. Freely accessible tools or there are some special conditions required – payable one, licence – these information will be included and explained in the tool presentation on the GLAS platform.

You are kindly invited to contact us, if you know of a tool that fulfils established criteria standards and it is not yet in our database. We will be happy to add it to the platform.

Project coordinator: Sabina Tori Selan ([email protected])